West Heights Kids Week Day Programs


Week Day Programs

Throughout the week we have several on-going programs for the kids. These programs are designed to engage in God’s word, and teach them how it applies to their lives.

Sunday Morning

Sunday School

On Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45 our kids ages K to 6th grade have Sunday School. This is a time of where kids are taught different stories in the Bible and how it applies to us today.

Sunday Night


Sunday nights our K thru 6th graders have KidROC. This program is full of fun! The kids will have a Bible story, choir, learn about missions throughout the world, and play games. This program especially takes advantage of our gym facility and helps to nurture the kids both physically and spiritually.

Wednesday Night


GA’s is our Wednesday night program for girls grades 1st-6th grade. RA’s is our Wednesday night program for the boys grades 1st-6th. These programs are designed to help in teaching the kids God’s word, along with a mission emphasis. We believe it is important to begin at an early age teaching kids to help spread the love of Christ to others all over the world, whether through our actions or the message we speak.